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Dressage & Combined Training


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Equestrian Education:


   Udo Lange, Reitmeister   (Trained by Herbert Aust)

§    Five time champion of German professional riders at FEI Dressage




   Egon von Neindorff, Reitmeister

§         §  Founder of the Classical Riding School: Von Neindorff in Karlsruhe




   Roland Jansson, (Trained by Herbert Aust)

§    Only German in history to ever win gold medals in all three international riding disciplines: Dressage, Grand Prix and Puissance Jumping, and Advanced Level 3 Day Eventing.




   Herbert Aust, Reitmeister

§    Trainer of top German dressage riders ( including Udo Lange and Roland Jansson) and member of selection panel of Professional riders for the German National Riding Federation. Also instructed Walter Zettl.




   Horst Grosch Lange &  Gustav Lange

§     Trainer of Swiss Jumping Team . Gustav Lange succeeded Horst Lange as Trainer of the Swiss Jumping Team.



    1957 and Prior

    Hans Schmidt

§     Trained riders to top placings in jumper championships


    Rainer Gumminsky

§       Trained riders to top Olympic and World Championship placings in dressage including Reiner Klimke. (Olympic Record Holder)


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